Carriage Trails Homeowners Association


  • To preserve and enhance our property values, while improving the quality of life of our families.
  • To assure area properties that affect Carriage Trails’ property values are maintained at or above City code requirements.
  • To support area anti-crime activities and beautification projects.
  • To partner with neighboring associations for the good of Carriage Trails.
  • To communicate with our homeowners through open meetings, newsletters, and the Internet.

Quick Note

The Carriage Trails  community Party was held on Saturday, November 4th, and about 120 residents showed up, quite a few more than last year. If possible it was even better than last year and everyone seemed to have a really good time.  If you didn’t attend, please consider attending the next one as it is a great way to learn more about your neighbors and meet new ones. You don’t have to bring anything, just show up and enjoy good food and conversations.

A special thanks to Sue Gibson and Dana and Carl Kenny, Brian and Barbara Ruble, and Sally Williams who helped her organize and run it plus the neighbors in that area who all helped a lot to make it a success,  Michelle Cordes, Tom & Aimee Beth Hertig, and Karen & Rob Ansaldo. This is the 2nd year it has been catered and this year we added tables, chairs, and table lights that made it even easier for people to attend.

If you have any questions, ideas for next year, or general comments on the party, please contact any of the Board of Directors or Association manager.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Association Manager

Charles Green
Casey Properties, Inc.
P.O. Box 25877
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Phone: (480) 473-0703
Fax: 480-223-6775

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